Kate McKinney-Paich

Hi Sandy!

I got your message yesterday, and I am sorry I have not gotten back to you about my mini Nick. He has been on the minerals for almost a year and he looks and feels great for a 19 yr old! I had his thyroid tested this fall and it is at a normal level. He is still on his thyroid medication per instructions of the vet, but I believe he is doing better now due to the minerals. His seedy toe has disappeared as well.

My barrel horse HF Docs Little Money "Dually" is doing excellent as well! He has always smelled awful when he sweats. Since he has been on the minerals he does not smell anymore. He has a shiny healthy coat, great feet, and an awesome attitude! I always get compliments on what a beautiful horse he is.
Thank you for all of your help! This has been the best product I have ever used! One stop shop, no need to add any other supplements.


Debbie Larson

I have two horses that about 4 years ago foundered, one was pretty serious.  After vet assistance, pads etc., he was walking again.  My farrier, introduced me to the Thunder Mountain Equine minerals so I started using them. Both horses that had foundered even the one that was extreme now have great feet.  I use the product on five horses and they are all in great shape, maintain their weight, have great coats and strong solid feet.  I am very thankful to have been introduced to the product.  We live in Wyoming with some pretty cold winters and I don’t even grain my horses anymore.  They are just all around healtier.     Thank you Thunder Mountain Equine for a great product!  


Melanie Adams






Melanie Adams

8 Months ago I tried the Thunder Mountain 'formula' under the recommendation of our vet Dr. Utley, like him I'm a skeptic, so I did my own clinical study on eight of my horses. Half received Thunder Mountain, the other half received the same feed. The improvement when my farrier came to shoe 6 weeks later was astounding. Before they were brittle and hard, now they are supple and healthy. Their coats are healthy and shiney and their whole demeanor is relaxed and willing. I definitely am a fan and will keep all my horses on it. Thank You.


Matt McAuslan - Owner Operator F2F Livestock






Matt McAuslan - Owner Operator F2F Livestock

I would like to thank Joel Gleason for introducing me to Thunder Mountain 'Formula'. Every horse I have fed this mineral to has shown a profound improvement. They ride better, look better and I believe feel better. Simply put the minerals work!









Jake Dahl






Jake Dahl - Vista Equine Reproduction Center,  Ft Collins, Colorado

I have two exceptionally well bred mares, one 12 yr old, the other a 22 yr old. Both these mares have produced several money earners. So special are these mare that they were featured in an article in the Jan 2017 issue of the Performance Horse Journal. I had a difficult time getting them pregnant the last 2 years. Despite all my efforts and even though biopsies were normal and cultures clean they wouldn't settle. I tried every trick in the book with no success. Joel Gleason told me about a mineral supplement known as Thunder Mountain 'Formula' and the story of his crippled mare who improved tremendously on this product. After talking to Sandy Caruso I ordered the product and started out feeding a double dose to each mare. Everything else stayed the same. Same feed and same hay. The only change to their diet was the mineral supplement. After only 5 weeks I got 2 embryos from the 22 yr old using shipped semen and 1 embryo from the 12 yr old also using shipped semen. I have also frozen additional embryos from both mares. I'm thrilled and looking forward to the offspring next spring. This mineral formula from Thunder Mountain 'Formula' works!


Jon and Jessica Karnuth






Jon and Jessica Karnuth Tallmadge, Ohio

Mister looks super innocent right and adorable! Well think again. We rescued him over 6 years ago where we learned he had been abused by a woman. He hated myself (Jess) for many years. We learned to have an agreement with one another, he would tolerate me and I would tolerate him. Over the years he began to show us how much talent he truly has. A couple months before I had our son was born, he began biting me when I would put his halter on, he would pin his ears at me and come at me if I went into his stall. Completely out of the ordinary. Like I said, We tolerated each other. Around this time he also became very stud like. He's around 9 years old and I have never seen any testicles hanging and many of the people I would talk to said I could do a blood test to see if the vet who removed them maybe missed one. He was nickering at mares, getting them extremely excited. He would drop his manhood out and get himself very excited and he even started to mount mares in the pasture. VERY VERY out of the ordinary for him. He even became very dominate and aggressive when a stallion would come around and my other geldings would just stand there. About two months before he left for training he taught me why bronc riders wear neck braces. He took me for a ride and tried to teach me how to fly and left he landing hard in the dirt, hurting my pride, and wondering why he would do this to me when I gave him such a good healthy happy life. After that when I would ride him, yes I eventually got back on him, he would pin his ears and tuck his head like he was going to send me flying again. But a friend, who he seemed to fall in love with, could get on and ride him without any issues. We worked very hard for two months on this intimidation issue and Jon and myself decided to send him to the trainers for two weeks, see what he has got. Well 45 days later, I got a call to come get him, he was loping a nice barrel pattern, figured out how to do a flying lead change and had a level head. I was astonished! How could this happen in 45 days. I was impressed. When I went to pick him up, he looked calm, relaxed, happy! I asked Matt what he did to my horse, he showed me Thunder Mountain 'Formula'. I WAS SHOCKED! A few pellets of these minerals could do this! It made it happen for us. We are a team now! He's loping a nice barrel pattern, working on finishing up the fine tuning, he doesn't spook like he use to, he is focused on me and what I am asking of him, and he is calm and relaxed. No need to use a tie down anymore. The farrier even noticed how calm and relaxed he is now during is trimming. While riding he doesn't even think about intimidating me anymore, he doesn't bit at me and the biggest of all, HE COULD CARELESS ABOUT MARES! He was even riding at the trainers in an arena with a loose MARE, and he didn't even give her a second of a look. After he settled back in at home, I tested these minerals, I walked him down past two hussy mares who were in heat. They went crazy. Mister on the other hand kept walking, never even gave them a look for two seconds, never made a sound, and NEVER dropped out his manhood. I can't thank Matt Boice enough for introducing us to these minerals and Sandy for creating them. THEY ARE TRULY A MIRACLE!!!!!


Doug Milholland - NRHA Hall of Fame, AQHA World Champion, Judge, Trainer and Clinician

Doug Milholland - NRHA Hall of Fame, AQHA World Champion, Judge, Trainer and Clinician  Purcell, Oklahoma

Let me first say that I don't do paid endorsements. When I first tried Thunder Mountain 'Formula', I was skeptical. Everyone makes claims about the products they sell, most of them fall short. I tried this supplement on two of my horses, one who was stiff and resistant, and one who couldn't maintain his weight. Within a few weeks, both had improved beyond my expectations. I'm sold on Thunder Mountain 'Formula'!


Shawnalee Hinkins Owner, Breeder, Trainer Rainbow Glass Ranch

Shawnalee Hinkins Owner, Breeder, Trainer Rainbow Glass Ranch Ferron, Utah

Thank you for making such a great product! It has worked miracles on my futurity colt! He went from inconsistent, nervous wreck to a quiet and confident competitor! Dr Utley recommended your product, Thunder Mountain 'Formula', after we had a bad experience with Fluphenazine. And I am happy to say, he is now drug free and clocking the best times of his young career. He went from running 4D times, not wanting to leave his friends and tying up at races to warming up quietly, walking in the gate, and even clocking in the 1D! I believe the minerals are filling the nutritional gaps he had, and are helping him feel better, so anything I ask of him is a lot easier on him. I now have all my barrel horses and colts on your product, and are seeing amazing results with them too! Not to mention, the incredible hoof growth we are seeing as well! Thank you again!



Betty A Lynn - Owner, Lynns Quarter Horses Stevensville, Montana

My stallion was attacked by another stallion in 2015. He was in considerable pain, and despite the fact that I had people work on him, and his physical pain subsided, he would not gain any weight, no matter what I fed him. He was 19 years old, and I was very concerned. Then, Sandy Caruso suggested that I put him on Thunder Mountain 'Formula'. I started him on the mineral about the time we started breeding mares. He got his mares in foal! It was another 3 months of minerals before he looked good.

And then it seemed like"over night" his weight came back on! He was loping and bucking around the pasture! At 20 years of age, he's Back to looking and feeling like he was a young horse again. Thank You,Thunder Mountain 'Formula'!


Kevin Tominey - Owner and Outfitter West Jordan, Utah

This is my horse Wizard. He is a 20 year old American Paint horse. Like most paint horses, he is about 200 lbs. heavier than he ought to be. He's got kind of little feet. He wears his heel off, just lightning fast, if he's not shod. In fact, I have to keep him shod year round because of it. This supplement has done a fantastic job of increasing his hoof growth, and the speed at which he grows his feet. So he can build his heel better and getting sound and stable. So goes the feet, so goes the horse. So, the supplement has taken a 20 year old, could have been useless horse, and made him a 20 year old fantastic, sound horse.


Polly Quigley - Owner  Price, Utah

Our horse Paco was foundered off and on for several years. We had him on Glucosamine, Lysine, and many other supplements with no improvement. We started him Thunder Mountain 'Formula' in mid-October, and were riding him on Thanksgiving day. Amazing!


Leslie Mills - Certified Farrier & Trainer, Owner & Dealer  Elmo, Utah

I have been shoeing horses for 10 years, and have seen horses struggle with dry cracked hooves, founder/laminitis, flat weak soles prone to abscesses, and much more. I have seen Thunder Mountain 'Formula' help eliminate these hoof problems I'm faced with, as quickly as 30 days. I personally use it on all 6 of my horses.

I've been shoeing an 18 year old that was born with a club foot. He has struggled with it all his life. His owner put him on Thunder Mountain 'Formula' 60 days ago, and the results have been amazing! His hoof has grown back! I couldn't remember which had been the club foot. Thanks Thunder Mountain!


Duane "Doc" Utley DVM - Sevier Valley Animal Clinic Richfield, Utah

I'm a real skeptic. For years I've tried one supplement after another, and been disappointed with all of them. I finally found one that works like magic. This is the real deal. Underweight horses put on weight in just weeks. Problem hooves improve dramatically.Horses eat less feed, their digestion and disposition improve. In short, this is one supplement that does it all. If I didn't believe in it, I wouldn't recommend it.


Sharon Couch- Barrel Racer

Sharon Couch- Barrel Racer & 15 year member of the N.B.H.A. Keller, Texas 

Two years ago I bought a horse that had hoof problems and nervousness. I started looking for something natural that would help in his problem areas. He was ten at the time and been roped on in the pasture and in the arena, and started on barrels. Looking through the Barrel Horse News I came across Thunder Mountain 'Formula' in Oct 2016. and have been using it ever since. It's now April 2017 and I'm on my fourth bucket. " THIS IS A AWESOME PRODUCT " No need to have two or three different products, one for the hooves, one for the gut and one for the nervousness in your horse. The minerals in Thunder Mountain 'Formula' are far more a natural source, and not man made. It contains sixty nine different minerals from the grounds of Utah. I have seen an increase in his running and focusing more in his turning with no more bucking and anxiety or tension coming out of the turns. I've also seen a big difference in his hooves, the growth and the walls with no more abscesses. He's able to keep shoes on while running a barrel pattern or just in the arena running and playing. Thanks you Thunder Mountain 'Formula' for such a great products for all our four legged friends


 Joel and Lynn Gleason

Joel and Lynn Gleason - Avila's Pro Shop owners Pablo, Montana

We raised a little quarter horse mare Tuckered Cowgirl, starting her as a 2 yr old then sent her to Canada to be trained as a cutter. After 11 months she colicked, we did surgery which left her with a hernia. She was allowed to heal for about 2 yrs then we started lightly riding her again. She developed soreness when on green grass and her condition just got worse and worse. She got sore when she ate alfalfa so she became a dry lot mare eating only grass hay and drinking water. The last 5 years this mare has not taken a sound step. Radiographs indicated she had foundered. We tried everything from Sore No More, blistering her soles, mothballs, to shoeing her with pine tar and oakum pads. Nothing worked. We had $15,000-$20,000 invested in this good mare but since she was 17 yrs old and still living in constant pain we had decided to put her down this fall. An old friend Jerald King phoned and said a friend of his was looking for good mares. Sandy Caruso phoned, we talked, I told her all about the mare's problems and the concern for her traveling to Utah. Sandy said, “I will send you some supplement to get her more comfortable to travel.” I received of bucket of Thunder Mountain 'Formula' a few days later. At first she spit out the pellets but after 3 days decided she liked them. The improvement was noticeable after one week. After 3 weeks this mare was sound again with NO DRUGS. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

I have been a judge for the AQHA for 20 years judging the world show twice and the APHA for 10 years also judging their world show twice. In all my years as a professional horseman I have never seen a product work this well. Tuckered Cowgirl has a new lease on life and a new home. She is sound once again and according to Sandy bucking and playing and chasing the dog out of her paddock.


Chris & Colleen Riedle, C & C Quarter Horses

Chris & Colleen Riedle, C & C Quarter Horses Caldwell, Idaho

A good friend of mine, Joel Gleason, owner of Avila's Pro Shop,told me about a new product that he had tried on a little cutting mare that he has owned that has had soundness issues for years. Joel kept using words like, miraculous, unbelievable, and the one that really caught my ear..SOUND. It was called Thunder Mountain 'Formula'. After approximately three weeks of feeding Thunder Mountain 'Formula' to his mare, she was sound. Joel was so excited about it, that I decided that I was going to experiment, on a number of different "ailments," ranging from epiphysitis, arthritis, club feet, lameness issues, laminitis, and calmness issues.

I called Thunder Mountain with my first order, and began my "journey" on December 13, 2016. After 8 weeks, here are my results. Two yearling half sisters (same sire), same problems, shaky knees that would not 'lock in', and epiphysitis. Both fillies are able to lock in, after exercise, and the swelling and pumps, that go along with it, are minimal. Virtually clean legs. A 22 yr. old brood mare that has produced some huge point earners, has arthritis. After feeding Thunder Mountain 'Formula', the old girl is pretty sound, and gaining weight. A two year old mare with small feet. Now. hoof growth is significant, and the 'dish' in her right foot, because of the rapid growth is leaving. My 13 year old reining mare, who before, was very stiff, and choppy, has totally changed her stride. Although she will never be a smooth ride, but a very significant change after feeding her the mienrals. My laminitis mare, who had significant bruising in her front feet because of the thickness of her soles, has grown over a 1/2" in thickness in 8 weeks. This is pretty incredible, because for the most part, hoof growth slows down in the winter months, and because the mare was so lame, she was not moving around, which promotes hoof growth. We are also feeding the Thunder Mountain, to my halter horses, promoting soundness, nutrition, gut movement, calmness, and our hair coats are becoming soft, with a luster to their hair, that I have never seen, this early in the year. We will continue to use Thunder Mountain 'Formula'. IT WORKS !!!!

Here is a SHOW UPDATE: Although we used to consistently win firsts or seconds in the halter classes it seemed we fell short of the coveted Grand and Reserve Champion wins. Since feeding the Thunder Mountain 'Formula' that has now changed. We have shown in several shows in several different states for the past few months and NOW consistently win Grand and Reserve CHAMPION titles. We're taking home the hardware ("trophies') that seem to allude us before. We quit feeding all other 'supplements' only feeding Thunder Mountain 'Formula'. Our horses' coats, hooves and attitude are the best they've ever been.


Matt Cazier - Cazier Performance Horses, Breeder, Custom Saddle Maker Rexburg, Idaho

This product is bar none the best mineral vitamin supplement on the market. I have a 13 year old mare that had a red bag delivery. On her next heat cycle we wanted to flush embryos out of her. So we got her on the supplement and she produced two healthy embryos on the next heat cycle coming off of a red bag delivery. A mineral miracle! We also had another mare that suffered from clover poisoning , the poisoning would get so severe, that she would sluff her hooves. The supplement has given her the proper nutrition to rebuild her hooves and strengthen her liver to the point she is 100% healthy and sound!


Matt Boice

 Matt Boice - Barrel Racer Fremont, Ohio

 I have been using Thunder Mountain 'Formula' since 12-14-2016. After seeing the quality of the ingredients I decided to experiment using the supplement myself. I put a heaping scoop of the pellets in a gallon jug of water, let it set then drank the water. When the water ran low I'd fill up the jug again and repeat the process. I did this for one week then dumped the old pellets and put in fresh ones. The results were amazing.

I constantly suffer from a sore abductor muscle pull as well as a stiff and sore neck. After drinking the water soaked in Thunder Mountain 'Formula' I immediately noticed I wasn't nearly as sore. Another thing, the chiropractic treatments to my neck and deep muscle massages lasted much longer. It was wonderful to be pain free for much longer.

I am a worrier so sleep was hard to come by. After drinking the mineral water I slept better for a shorter period of time then awoke refreshed and ready to tackle the day. According to my wife my disposition improved as I was less nervous and felt relatively little stress. My health was better. The differences in my horses was equally noticeable. Their overall disposition was more focused and improved significantly. Their legs stayed tighter and they could handle the hard training easier with little or no fatigue. And their recovery from competition was so much better.

Our stallion Reckless Guy had low motility when collected. After only 5 weeks on Thunder Mountain 'Formula' his motility went from a mere 60% to 80%. And the volume of semen collected grew substantially. His coat condition and hair color even changed. He went from a washed out buckskin to a deep dappled rich golden buckskin. He was much darker on his neck after being on the minerals. At first I thought he had laid down and gotten dirty from his stall and thought he needed a bath. However when I took him out of his stall to groom and looked closely at him it was apparent his coat had just changed to a darker, richer color.

We have two futurity colts in training. We give them a double dose of Thunder Mountain 'Formula' and they are really improving. The minerals help them to stay focused so they are easy to train. Their legs stay tighter and they recover quickly from hard workouts.We had a 4 yr old mare come in for training. She was a nervous wreck, wouldn't eat her grain, just pawed the ground stressed out. I started her on Thunder Mountain 'Formula' immediately. She was such a picky eater and would pick the pellets out and eat them but not her grain. Now after only 10 days she has calmed down and she is finishing all her grain. The minerals have completely changed her temperament.

Here is short list of wonderful things that have changed since using Thunder Mountain 'Formula'.

1. Saved 20% on our feed bill. Our horses are eating less because they are absorbing their feed, hence there is less manure to clean up
2. Semen quality from our stallion is significantly better; more volume and much higher motility
3. Hooves are growing and the rings are gone.
4. Horses have a calm disposition especially during workouts and they recover much faster.
5. Horses coats, mane and tails are glossy, healthy and deeper and richer in color than they have ever been
6. Horses are quiet and focused during competition. They want to do their job and do it willingly.
At feeding time they all nicker and want their Thunder Mountain 'Formula'. I no longer use the pellets myself but have been using the raw minerals (aka 'magic dirt') in my water and my energy, disposition and overall health has improved.


Clay Wright - Trainer, Owner and Dealer Elmo, Utah

I have been in the horse business for 40 years in the breeding, care, raising, training and sales of horses. My experience has taught me that how a horse feels on the inside has a great deal to do with how well the horse performs. I have been using these supplements on two of my horses for about 3 months now, and have recently put others on it. I have seen an increase in their energy and stamina without any signs of anxiety or tension. I have reduced their hay intake by about a ¼ and they are as healthy as I've ever seen them. The change in the health of their feet was so noticeable that I was very amazed. I am sold on this product, and I encourage others to try it see the results for themselves.


Katie Wagner

 Katie Wagner - Trainer Simi Valley, CA

Horse owners are constantly looking for products that will benefit their horses. We try different brushes, pads, training techniques, the newest boots, grains and saddles. We care about our horses and want them to be healthy and happy. As a horse trainer, it is my duty to offer my horses and clients the best of everything that I can. It is my responsibility to optimize each aspect of my program to ensure that my horses can perform at the top of their ability. I have been searching for the magic ingredient and found it in Thunder Mountain 'Formula'. Never have my horses been so willing and trainable. Never have they been so happy and healthy. I have a Paint horse that had been extremely mis-treated by two previous trainers, to the point where his rider couldn't even lope him anymore. After two days on these minerals his youth rider was loping him both directions, one-handed in the bridle! I am so happy to have finally found the magic product that keeps my horses at the top of their game, inside and outside of the show pen!


Tim & Cheri Gleason

Tim & Cheri Gleason - Owners Brigham City, Utah

Whether you own a grade horse or a papered horse, it's an investment of time and money. We've found that one of the best ways to protect your investment and improve the quality of time spent with your horse is to supplement them with Thunder Mountain 'Formula'. We've compared Thunder Mountain 'Formula' to the other leading supplements out there, and hands down there is no better product. The minerals in Thunder Mountain 'Formula' are from a natural source in Utah. Not a man-made supplement from who knows where. No other supplement has over 69 minerals. Every ingredient is designed to improve some aspect of your horse. We trust the quality enough that we would feel comfortable consuming it ourselves! We also feed it to our dog. We've seen how this product in just a few days has improved disposition and digestion in a horse. We are completely sold on this product.


Melissa Marshall

Melissa Marshall - Jockey Utah

My name is Melissa Marshall. I have been in the horse business for 25+ plus years, 10 of which as a professional jockey. I have seen and tried many, many different feeding programs, supplement programs, etc., but I have to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product! I have a very sensitive mare named Queenie, who I know has ulcers among other issues. She was a nasty "you know what". This horse always came with the warning: 'Be careful around her, she kicks. Don't tie up next to her'. And whenever I rode with anybody, she had to lead out by herself, because Queenie would not tolerate other horses around her. Sometimes it took a good 10 minutes just to get on her, because she was so jumpy and moved around. She was just plain onery. She has been on the supplement for 45 days now. She is so calm and collected. We actually started seeing the results in her within a week of feeding her Thunder Mountain 'Formula'. I could really tell the difference. After a month of being on the minerals, she has stopped washing out during speed work, has stopped biting when you go to cinch her up and kicking at every horse that comes close to her. I believe in this product so much, that I now have 3 other horses with different issues on this supplement, and we are already seeing results. I'm not an easy one to impress, but I'm sold on this product. Thank you for Thunder Mountain Miracles.


Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson - Equine Wellness Advocate California

My name is Pat Robertson I am an .EQUINE WELLNESS ADVOCATE.  I have clients from all walks of life in the horses world. I am very blessed.!! I spend much of my time trying to find solutions for their horses conditions, and do my very best for them. Thunder Mountain 'Formula' have been able to improve my clients horses conditions. So far they seem able to help balance mineral issues in the hay.  


  • IMPROVED THE QUALITY OF MUSCLE (by quality I mean suppleness, and the few tie up horses—dramatically improved)



I give a handful of the minerals when I need to work on the hot or nervous horses, so far they relax and the tightness in their backs from compensation releases enough for me to achieve superior results.

I own (lol, they own me) 3 off the track race horses. - they came without great feet, the quality of their horn, and inner structures of the hoof was immediately improved. Their normally present stress issues have all but disappeared. ( early days yet). My horses coats were good,( if you saw all the various supplements in my feed room,well , lets just say these minerals have simplified my life considerably). BUT on the TMM their coats have achieved super status. THE FIRST THING I NOTICED WAS HOW SOFT THEIR EYES GOT. I am totally in love with the continuing results.

Oh and I almost forgot. One horse with active ringbone and lacking any depth of sole, fed him a couple of handfuls and within 5 minutes he was walking so much more comfortably,(he could barely walk) even I was astounded! So much so that his owner a caring loving person was crying, tears of relief!!!

She immediately ordered her own supply of the minerals! BUT selfishly for me-- has given my brain a rest trying to figure out what was tying what up in their feed and environment and, has allowed me to drop several other supplements, and simplify the process AND HAVE AMAZING RESULTS!! ANYONE READING THIS IF YOU HAVE A FOUNDERED, OR NAVICULAR HORSE DON'T GIVE UP, TRY THESE MINERALS AND SEE WHAT YOU CAN ACHIEVE. IF YOU HAVE AN ULCER PRONE OR BLEEDER TRY THESE MINERALS !!!!! One things for sure these minerals are way less money spent to try and see if YOUR horse can improve on them!!!!


ROCK ON!!!!!!!!


Roanna Rich -Owner Price, Utah

We had our vet take x-rays before he was put on the supplement. The pad underneath the coffin bone was so thin it was nearly non existent. Our horse has been on the supplement for nearly 90 days. New updated x-rays show the pad under the coffin bone has re-grown. It is now 2" thick and supporting the coffin bone. Our horse is no longer sore and bucks and plays in the pasture. We're already riding him again with no soundness issues. Our vet is still scratching his head.




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