Why Thunder Mountain Equine The Story

This is where it all began... and all because of eggs.

Question? Which came first; the chicken or the egg? In my case it was the egg or rather the hen that laid it. WHY were the eggs from my hens when reaching their 1 yr birthday always had thin shells and ridges? I tried everything for those hens; different feed, cheap feed, expensive ALL natural feed, 16% lay mash, 20% lay mash, making my OWN lay mash, vinegar in the water, baking soda, a pan of raw milk, oyster shell. I even solicited the advice of the master ‘heneries’ but nothing seemed to work. Despite all my efforts those blasted hens still laid eggs with ridges and paper thin shells and there was absolutely nothing I could do about it. Perplexing. Oh the eggs out of my fancy Rhode Island hens were jumbo sized, brown and were fertile. IF they could make it to the kitchen without cracking they tasted wonderful, however and sadly to say several succumbed only to make it to the garbage because of those blasted thin shells with ridges.

This is where the story of Thunder Mountain Equine begins and all because of some brown eggs with ridges.

We have a small horse breeding operation in south central Utah and like any other same farm/ranch raise a few hens who lay fresh eggs as well a couple of Jerseys cows we milk for our family. Yup, I know I already told you about those blasted brown eggs. So what do eggs have to do with minerals? As I studied, reading everything until I was bleary eyed, I discovered the one thing missing in diet was minerals. The lack of minerals created a lack of absorption and therefore a lack of nutrients. My hens although I was feeding the best food possible were starving and their egg shells were the witness of that starvation.

Then I learned not all minerals and mineral sources are the same. Some are man-made; synthetic you might say, although they have the same formula they are not the same. A mineral duplicated in the chemistry lab is not the same as the one occurring in nature. Many mineral supplements are derived from fractured minerals sources such as plants or dirt. Specific dirt may be high in certain sources of minerals so that mineral is singled out and removed from the source (fractured) then added to other minerals from other sources supposedly to make a complete mineral supplement. These minerals may not be compatible with each other much like mixing vegetable oil and water. Although both are liquids and with much effort can be mixed together to form ONE liquid, however if left to set for even a short period of time they separate returning their original form.

It was then that I embarked upon a journey to find those ALL natural minerals. I would not have believed the journey that lay ahead. One day as I shared my frustration concerning my eggs with my old friend he told me about a unique mineral deposit located on a ranch owned by his old rancher friend. It was discovered by him and his siblings quite by accident.

They noticed range cattle and a few mustangs would gather around a certain area and despite the obvious lack of adequate feed these animals always seemed to be fatter and healthier than other cattle herds in the valley. Upon further investigation the old rancher and his siblings (who have now passed away) discovered a few mounds of dirt where the animals had dug and pawed to get the mineral rich dirt just under the surface. It became obvious why the animals spent so much time in that area chewing on the rocks and licking the dirt. This dirt was actually minerals.

My friend introduced me to his old rancher friend and I was taken to the site. I listened to his story and took several samples and had them assayed. According to the test results there were 70 essential minerals in their natural form all married together in the same location. I called the mineral rich samples, ‘Magic Dirt’. Arrangements and agreements were made and the rights to the minerals deposits secured.

So...somewhere in a secreted location, near an old volcano caldera is the private deposit of our natural plant based dirt containing 70 all natural, chelated minerals. This ‘magic dirt’ was mined, cleaned, screened and bagged for a guaranteed analysis. Almost immediately we started feeding this ‘magic dirt’ to the hens and the eggs shell problems were resolved. No more ridges.

After years of years of mixing hot mash grain with the magic mineral dirt I put into a perfected pellet form with numerous other healthy and essential ingredients and Thunder Mountain Equine was officially born.

Many years later we still see consistent and miraculous results in our animals, especially the horses. These are just a few of the results we have witnessed:

  1. 25-30% reduction in our feed bill because of greater absorption of nutrients.
  2. Disposition of all the animals especially the stallions is calm.
  3. All the animals especially the horses have that ‘bloom’ in their coat.
  4. Reduction in the amount of manure and the smell including a reduction in flies.
  5. Horses hooves are totally amazing. Our certified farrier has never seen such healthy hooves. Significant improvement in horses with laminitis, Epiphysitis, and founder.
  6. Reduction in the crusty butt on the foals when the mares are in heat
  7. Mares, even maiden mares settle with fewer breedings, often in the first heat cycle they are bred.
  8. Stallions are easier to handle and the semen motility higher. One stallion reportedly increase was 60% motility to 85% motility after the stallion was only on our supplement for 5 weeks.
  9. Overall health of all the animals is much, much better.
  10. Significant reduction in joint issues in performance horses
  11. Reduced issues with colic and tying up after hard workouts.
  12. Horses with weight problems gain and maintain a healthy weight.

WHY does Thunder Mountain Equine work? Because it is complete and the ONLY supplement your horse will ever need. It is unique because the minerals such as chromium, silver, selenium, manganese, copper, lithium and zinc are all naturally occurring, all together in their original, plant based form. There are no fractured foods and no synthetic or man-made minerals. We invite you to try it. Your horses will LOVE the taste and you will LOVE the results.

Sandy Caruso, Founder

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