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Naturally replenish the minerals that are lacking in your horse's diet. This all natural, complete mineral supplement contains 70 chelated minerals to promote overall well-being in a pelleted formula that horses just love.

This product will help with better digestion and cut down on manure waste. It will improve your horse's coat, hooves and joints. These minerals will also help with calmness, mental clarity and focus.

Along with the 70 minerals, this supplement contains:

  • Diatomaceous Earth – A NATURAL de-wormer and fly suppressant
  • Probiotics & Prebiotics – To help keep your horse’s gut flora balance
  • Biotin - Essential for hoof health
  • ALL Natural Wheat Germ OIL fortified with Vitamins A, D and E – helps maintain a glossy coat and supports breeding health of stallions and mares
  • Wheat Bran - To help prevent sand colic
  • NON GMO Barley - As a ‘cool’ source of fiber
  • Natural Redmond Clay - To help guard against ulcers
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