Why is thunder mountain equine supplement so different?

It is a complete supplement with the key ingredients being the unique, all natural minerals. The minerals are from ONE special source, created together during eons of time, not fractured from other products or from other countries then mixed together.


WHY is Thunder Mountain EQUINE unique?

Millions and millions of years ago a volcano erupted and the volcanic ash merged with seawater forming a unique mineral composite. I purchased the rights to this mineral deposit. 
There is an old saying: “Imitation is the sincerest form of Flattery.”Beware of imitations......the counterfeits.

WHY is it important to only buy Thunder Mountain EQUINE?

It is the ONLY product with MY formula aptly named: Sandy’s FORMULA and since I created it, it is the ONLY original. Anything else with a similar name is counterfeit.  I developed MY formula over the course of many, many years through painstaking trial and error keeping meticulous records. My horses were my laboratory.

WHY is Thunder Mountain EQUINE better?

Horses and the name: Thunder Mountain have been a major part of my life as an owner, trainer, and breeder for 44 years. I am a lifetime member of the AQHA and APHA.  I have competed in all disciplines: barrel racing, reining, cutting, western pleasure, team penning, reined cowhorse, sorting, ranch work, jumping, racing, dressage (taken lessons in Europe for years), and as a vet tech. Currently I own 41 head. Horses’ are part of my family’s everyday life. I KNOW horses and I LOVE them, they are my passion.  That’s why I created the formula only found in Thunder Mountain EQUINE. I use only the very best ingredients, that’s why it WORKS. And that’s why there will only be ONE Original.                             Thunder Mountain EQUINE 

REMEMBER: If EQUINE is not in the name and TM Smart Smoke N Hawk, the black white paint on the label, it is counterfeit

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